October 14, 2019

About | The Greatest Show From Earth

2014 AOTE Angry Guitar Poster

The Greatest Show From Earth radio show is produced and broadcasts from the studios of 91.3 fm wuuh West Hartford.  We are listener supported and volunteered staffed, Public Aletrnative radio from The University of Harford. Originally called Adam and Eve's Cavacade of Stars, the show has been on the air for nearly 40 years. Sunday night between 9 pm and midnight get lost in both time and space as we take an audio journey together. Weaving progressive rock, psychedelic, metal, acoustic, spoken word, electronic and ambient music for 3 hours... the last blast before falling asleep and starting the week again. 

Here is how it works. For those of you who are local to our broadcast signal, turn on your FM radions and tune them to 91.3 FM. For those of you listening online you can listen online here. If you are home and in your living enviroment, sit back comfortably, with your favorite beverage and relax. If you are in a moving vehicle, I highly suggest that drive cautiously as only authorized Teltan vehicles are allowed of the roadways. For those on foot with headsets be away of your surroundings as you about to experience a multi-dimensional audio journey. Don't let what you are hearing fool you. You will in fact be transformed and you will be exposed to the night sky...